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    Privacy Policy

    Obligatory information on the rights of individuals with personal data protection (Privacy notice)

    General information

    From May 25, 2018 a new General Data Protection Regulation, adopted by the European Union, has entered into force. The regulation aims to guarantee the protection of the data of individuals from all EU Member States and to harmonize the rules for their processing.

    As the administrator of personal data for the provision of business and services, baneffbg.com fulfills all the requirements of the new regulation, collecting only the data of individuals to the extent necessary for the use of the site in connection with the purchase of the offered products and for direct marketing, and keep them accountable and legitimate.

    This information does not apply to websites accessible from links on the baneffbg.com website

    Any changes to this information will be posted on this page. This allows you to know at any time what data we store, how we collect and use it.

    Information about the Data Controller

    Name Baneff Ltd.

    Unified Identification Code (UIC / BULSTAT): 205594782

    Registered office and registered address: Sofia, Todor Ikonomov Str. 134

    Correspondence: Sofia, Todor Ikonomov Str. Bl. 134

    Email: baneff.ltd@gmail.com

    Phone: + 359 884049566

    Information concerning the competent supervisory authority

    Name: Personal Data Protection Commission

    Registered office and registered office: 1592 Sofia, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov ”№ 2

    Correspondence data: 1592 Sofia, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov ”№ 2

    Phone: 02 915 3 518

    Email: kzld@government.bg, kzld@cpdp.bg

    Website: www.cpdp.bg

    baneffbg.com operates in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on free movement of such data.

    Grounds for collecting, processing and storing your personal data

    Art. 1. (1) baneffbg.com collects and processes your personal data in connection with the purchase of the products offered on the baneffbg.com website and the subsequent provision of information on the grounds of Art. 6, para. 1, Regulation (EU) 2016/679, and in particular on the basis of the following:

    Your explicit consent has been obtained from you as a client;

    (2) baneffbg.com is the personal data administrator regarding your data as users of our services. In relation to the personal data you process using our site and inquiry form, baneffbg.com acts as a processor of personal data.

    Aims and principles for collecting, processing and storing personal data

    Art. 2. (1) baneffbg.com collects and processes the personal information you provide to us in connection with the use of our site, including for:

    protection of information security;

    improving and personalizing the service by offering you relevant offers and other useful information that may be of interest to you;

    (2) baneffbg.com the following principles when processing your personal


    Legality, integrity and transparency;

    limitation of processing objectives;

    correlation with the purposes of processing and minimizing the data collected;

    accuracy and timeliness of the data;

    storage limitation in order to achieve the objectives;

    integrity and confidentiality of processing and ensuring an adequate level of

    security of personal data.

    (3) In the processing and storage of personal data, baneffbg.com may process and store personal data in order to protect the following legitimate interests:

    the fulfillment of its obligations to the National Revenue Agency, the Ministry of the Interior and other state and municipal bodies.

    What types of personal information is collected, processed and stored by baneffbg.com?

    Art. 3. (1) baneffbg.com performs the following personal data operations for the following


    use them to identify the ordering of a counterpart product from the baneffbg.com website

    Sending information messages – the purpose of this activity is to administer the process of sending advertising and information messages to customers

    Newsletter (newsletter) sending – the purpose of this operation is to administer the process of sending newsletters to clients who have stated that they wish to receive;

    (2) baneffbg.com processes the following categories of personal information and information about

    the following objectives and for the following reasons:

    Data: Your personally identifiable information (first and last name, email, country,


    o Purpose for which the data is collected: Contacting the user to design and send the ordered articles from the site and / or send information to him, including if desired – to send newsletters and advertising messages;

    o Grounds for processing your personal data – By accepting the general terms and conditions, a contractual relationship is created, on the basis of which we process your personal data – Art. 6, para. 1, b. (b) GDPR.

    Other data that baneffbg.com processes – When logging into our website or your account, baneffbg.com collects data about the IP address used.

    o Purpose for which the data is being collected: Improving the security of the information gathering service required to process item orders, statistical and marketing surveys.

    o Grounds for data processing: Processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is a party – Art. 6, para. 1, b. (b) GDPR. Until the user profile is created, the IP address is collected

    on the grounds of fulfilling the legitimate interests of the administrator – Art. 6, para. 1, b. (f) GDPR;

    Use of additional applications (plugins) on social networks

    The additional social media applications (“plugins”) of facebook.com and Instagram may be embedded in our web pages. The related services are provided by Facebook Inc. respectively.

    Facebook is maintained by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”). To get an idea of ​​Facebook plugins, visit:


    To increase the security of your personal information when you visit our sites, these plugins will be available in just two clicks. This ensures that when you access sites containing plugins through the baneffbg.com site, you will not be automatically connected to the vendor’s server. Only if you enable the plugins by allowing data transfer will the browser connect you directly to the vendor server. Then, the contents of the various plugins are directly downloaded from your browser provider and appear on your screen.

    The plugin reveals the vendor information which of our pages you have visited. If, while browsing our site, you are on your Facebook or Instagram account, the provider has the opportunity to compare your interests, such as the information you view with your account information. When using any of the plugin features (for example, clicking on the Like button, leaving a comment), this information will also be transmitted directly from the browser to the vendor for safekeeping.

    Further information on the collection and use of Facebook or Instagram data and the rights you have in protecting your personal information in these circumstances can be found in the Provider Privacy Policy:

    Facebook Privacy Policy:


    (3) baneffbg.com does not collect or process personal information that it relates to

    the following:

    disclose racial or ethnic origin;

    reveal political, religious or philosophical beliefs, or membership in trade union organizations;

    Genetic and biometric data, health data, or sexual life or sexual orientation data.

    (4) Personal data are collected by baneffbg.com from the persons to whom they relate.

    (5) The company does not carry out automated decision making with data.

    Children’s personal information

    baneffbg.com does not want to collect data for children under 18 years of age. When submitting a request to us, confirmation that the person is over 18 years is mandatory. If parents or other legal guardians find that the children under their care have provided personal information to baneffbg.com, we want to contact us at baneff.ltd@gmail. com if they want this data deleted. We will then organize the deletion of this data immediately.

    The storage period of your personal data

    baneffbg.com stores your personal information while you have a baneff account. You may at any time request us to delete certain information or close your account, and we will respond to this request by retaining certain information, even after closing the account when applicable law or legitimate interests so require.

    Data for unregistered users is stored for three years.

    Transmission of your personal data for processing

    Art. 5. (1) baneffbg.com may, at its sole discretion, transmit some or all of your personal data to processing personal data for the fulfillment of processing purposes in compliance with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

    (2) baneffbg.com notifies you in case you intend to share some or all of your personal information with third countries or international organizations.

    Your rights in the collection, processing and storage of your personal data

    Withdrawal of consent to the processing of your personal data

    Art. 6. (1) If you do not wish all or part of your personal data to be further processed by baneffbg.com for specific or all processing purposes, you may at any time withdraw your consent to the processing by requesting in free text.

    (2) baneffbg.com may request that you verify your identity and identity with the data subject.

    Right of access

    Art. 7. (1) You have the right to request and receive from baneffbg.com whether personal data relating to you are processed.

    (2) You have the right to access the data related to it, as well as the information related to the collection, processing and storage of your personal data.

    (3) baneffbg.com provides you, upon request, with a copy of the personal data processed relating to you in electronic or other appropriate form.

    (4) The provision of access to the data is free of charge, but baneffbg.com reserves the right to impose an administrative fee in case of repeatability or excessive


    Right of correction or completion

    Art. 8. You may correct or fill in inaccurate or incomplete personal data related to you directly by submitting a request to baneffbg.com

    Right to be deleted (“to be forgotten”)

    Art. 9. (1) You have the right to request from baneffbg.com the deletion of your personal data, and baneffbg.com has the obligation to delete it without undue delay when any of the following reasons exist:

    personal data are no longer needed for purposes for which they were otherwise collected or processed;

    You withdraw your consent on which the processing of the data is based and there is no other legal basis for the processing;

    You object to the processing of personal data relating to you, including for the purposes of direct marketing and there are no legitimate grounds for processing to take precedence;

    personal data were processed illegally;

    personal data must be deleted in order to comply with a legal obligation under

    EU or Member State law applicable to baneffbg.com;

    (2) baneffbg.com is not obliged to delete personal data if it stores and


    to exercise the right to freedom of expression and the right to information;

    compliance with a legal obligation requiring processing as provided for in EU or Member State law applicable to the Administrator, or for the performance of a public interest task or in the exercise of official powers conferred on him;

    for reasons of public interest in the field of public health;

    for purposes of archiving in the public interest, for scientific or historical research or for statistical purposes;

    to establish, pursue or defend legal claims.

    (3) In order to exercise your right to “forget”, you must submit a written request,

    sent to baneffbg.com, as well as to verify your identity and

    Identity with the data subject by presenting his / her ID card on site for the purpose of baneffbg.com employee

    (4) baneffbg.com does not delete the data it has a legal obligation to keep, including for protection in connection with legal claims against it or to prove its rights.

    Right of restriction

    Art. 10. You have the right to request baeffbg.com to restrict the processing of your data when:

    challenge the accuracy of personal data for a period allowing baneffbg.com to verify the accuracy of personal data;

    the processing is unlawful, but you do not want your personal data to be erased, and only their use restricted;

    baneffbg.com no longer needs personal data for processing purposes, but you require it to establish, exercise or defend your legal claims;

    You objected to the processing pending a review of whether the legitimate grounds of baneffbg.com prevail over your interests.

    Right to portability

    Art. 11. (1) You may at any time download the data stored and processed for you in connection with the use of the services of baneffbg.com directly through your account or by request by email.

    (2) You may request baneffbg.com to directly transfer your personal data to an Administrator designated by you, where technically feasible.

    Right to receive information

    Art. 12. You may request baneffbg.com to inform you of any recipients to whom personal data for which rectification, erasure or restriction of processing has been requested have been disclosed. baneffbg.com may refuse to provide this information if this would be impossible or would require a disproportionate effort.

    Right to object

    Art. 13. You may object at any time to the processing of personal data from baneffbg.com that relate to you, including if it is processed for direct marketing purposes.

    Your rights in breach of your personal data security

    Art. 14. (1) If baneffbg.com establishes a breach of the security of your personal data, which may pose a high risk to your rights and freedoms, we shall notify you without undue delay of the breach, as well as of the measures taken or to be taken. be taken.

    (2) baneffbg.com is not obliged to notify you if:

    has taken appropriate technical and organizational safeguards with respect to data affected by a security breach;

    subsequently took measures to ensure that the infringement would not pose a high risk to your rights;

    notification would require a disproportionate effort.

    Persons to whom your personal data are provided

    Art. 15. Personal data collected from the baneffbg.com website are not disclosed to outside parties,

    outside the baneffbg.com administrator’s internal organization

    Art. 16. The controller does not transfer your data to third countries.

    Other provisions

    Art. 17. In the event of a violation of your rights under the above or applicable personal data protection legislation, you have the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Commission as follows:

    Name: Personal Data Protection Commission

    Registered office and registered office: 1592 Sofia, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov ”№ 2

    Correspondence data: 1592 Sofia, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov ”№ 2

    Phone: 02 915 3 518

    Email: kzld@government.bg, kzld@cpdp.bg

    Website: www.cpdp.bg

    Art. 18. You may exercise all your rights regarding the protection of your personal data in any form that contains a statement to that effect and identifies you as the data owner.

    Art. 19. If the consent concerns a transfer, the Administrator shall describe the possible risks of transferring the data to third countries in the absence of adequate protection and adequate remedies.

    Art. 20 (1). When you authorize baneffbg.com to process personal data of a third party for the purposes of using the service, baneffbg.com acts as a processor of personal data.

    (2). In the cases of para. 1, baneffbg.com acts solely on your instruction as a user of the service and only insofar as it may have control over personal data that

    You are processing. baneffbg.com has no control over the content and data that you, as a user of the service, choose to upload to the service (including whether or not that data includes personal data). In this case, baneffbg.com has no role in the decision-making process as to whether the user is using the personal data processing service, for what purposes and whether it is protected. Accordingly, baneffbg.com’s liability in this case is limited to

    1) compliance with the instructions of the user of the service according to the contract and the general terms and conditions;

    2) the provision of information about the service and functionality through its interface.

    Cookie Policy

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    Grounds for collecting, processing and storing your personal data

    The types of cookies we use:

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    The maximum period in which we store analytics data in Google Analytics is 50 months.

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    What security measures have we taken at baneffbg.com regarding the security of the personal data you store on our infrastructure?

    Personal data protection is a top priority for our company. These rules are an expression of our desire to protect the data of our current and future clients in the best possible way.